Create lifelong

The subscription box that turns children into lifelong bookworms

Reading Incentive Kits motivate children to read, improve reading skills, and boost comprehension.

(And they're super fun!)

How RIK works

1. Open story-related prizes as you read

Kids open surprises at various checkpoints throughout the book. This makes reading more fun and encourages them to finish the story.

2. Think about the story with RIK

A "Note From RIK" accompanies every story-related surprise. RIK's notes ask questions about the story to improve reading comprehension.

3. Try to get your kid to stop reading

We dare you.

Kiss your screen zombie goodbye

Witness your kids turn off their devices and pick up a book. You'll love seeing your kids get lost in books instead of screens.

See critical thinking in action

Watch your kids turn into great thinkers. Not only is RIK fun but it also helps kids think about what they're reading.

Nurture your family's relationship

Grab a RIK and read the book aloud with the whole family. RIK is the perfect family activity and fun for everyone.

What parents are saying


“My son is a reluctant reader. His attitude changed after being introduced to the RIK program. He could not wait to sit down every day to read his book.”


“My favorite part was all the discussion that it created within our family. My daughter had so much she wanted to share and discuss and everyone at our home became engaged in that process.”


"With your kits my daughter is able to keep the excitement going through out the whole book and has now completed several books which has made her a much more confident reader."


“He loved them so much that he wanted to finish in one day because he loved getting items as he read.”