Reading with Dad

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We had a conversation recently with a dad who used a Reading Incentive Kit™ as he read Ready Freddy! Camping Catastrophe! by Abby Klein to his four-year-old son. Because of other commitments, they missed reading together one night.  The son was upset and insisted they read together the next morning before they had breakfast. When [...]

Foster Independent Reading in Children

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“My kids have had a blast reading with the Reading Incentive Kits. I have used these with 4 of my children and all have benefitted. My older, experienced readers have become more active readers because of these kits. They think more about what they are reading, make connections to the story and characters they read [...]

Reading Motivation – the Easy Way

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In this RIK Reader Success Story, Janessa shares how a Reading Incentive Kit makes reading motivation easy. “I have a daughter who is an avid reader. The kits provided enrichment materials that helped her engage with books in a fun, new way.  I have a son who is more of a reluctant reader. I rarely [...]

Developing a love of reading with fun

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We all know it. Motivation from in front with a carrot is much better than from behind with a whip. The same principle applies to parents who want to instill in their children a love of reading. Elementary school librarian, Paula Ruesch recognized that principle and started a successful summer book camp for 2nd to [...]

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