Best Kid’s Books to Read on Earth Day

Best Kid’s Books to Read on Earth Day

Welcome, eco-conscious bookworms and budding earth defenders! 🌎

Have you ever wondered how to foster a love for Mother Earth in the young hearts and minds of the next generation? Well, gather 'round and listen closely, because today we're embarking on a literary adventure covering excellent books for kids that will make every day feel like Earth Day! 

In this blog post, we're diving into the enchanting world of children's Earth Day books that are guaranteed to ignite the environmentalist in every youngster. From tales of remarkable wildlife to stories that teach us about the magic of recycling, these books will have kids (and grown-ups!) learning, laughing, and loving our planet more than ever before.

So, let's lace up our eco-friendly shoes, grab a reusable tote, and embark on this page-turning journey towards a greener future for all as we explore some excellent children’s books.

1. "Thank you, Earth" by April Pulley Sayre

thank you earth

"Thank you, Earth" by April Pulley Sayre is a great read aloud and is a beautifully crafted picture book that combines stunning photography and simple, heartfelt gratitude to celebrate the wonders of our planet. Aimed at young readers, the book features vivid images of nature, landscapes, and various life forms, fostering appreciation and admiration for the natural world.

Through the lens of thankfulness, the author inspires children to acknowledge the gifts that Earth provides, like water, air, and the diverse array of plants and animals that call our planet home. The poetic text is accessible to young minds and serves as an excellent conversation starter to engage kids in discussions about environmental stewardship, sustainability, and the importance of preserving our precious home.

2. "Nangari's Trees of Peace" by Jeanette Winter 

nangari's trees of peace

Reading "Nangari's Trees of Peace" by Jeanette Winter is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. It is an inspiring picture book based on the true story of a young Kenyan girl named Nangari, who takes on the noble mission of planting trees in her village to restore the environment and foster peace.

The story unfolds in a drought-stricken landscape where the local ecosystem has been devastated by deforestation, leaving the community vulnerable to famine and conflict. Moved by her passion for the environment and her dream of healing the land, Nangari decides to plant trees, one sapling at a time.

As the trees begin to grow, they provide shade, attract rain, and bring life back to the once-barren village. Through Nangari's dedication and hard work, her small act of planting trees becomes a powerful symbol of hope, environmental stewardship, and unity within her community.

In "Nangari's Trees of Peace," Winter artfully combines evocative illustrations with a compelling narrative, teaching young readers the importance of environmental conservation, perseverance, and the transformative power of small actions to bring about positive change.

3. "Here Comes The Garbage Barge!" by Jonah Winter 

here comes the garbage

"Here Comes The Garbage Barge!" by Jonah Winter is one of the best books to celebrate Earth Day. It’s a lively and engaging Earth picture book based on a true story that highlights the importance of clean up, recycling, and environmental responsibility. The book for kids of all ages tells the tale of a garbage barge named Mobro 4000 that sets sail from Long Island, New York, in 1987, carrying 3,168 tons of trash with no place to go.

As the barge journeys from port to port in search of a place to dump its massive load of garbage, it faces rejection after rejection, causing a media frenzy and sparking a national conversation about waste disposal and recycling on planet Earth. The barge's odyssey stretches on for months, taking it as far as Belize and back, before it eventually returns to New York.

Jonah Winter's vivid storytelling and plea to save the Earth, paired with Red Nose Studio's eye-catching illustrations, creates a memorable, educational, and entertaining experience for young readers. "Here Comes The Garbage Barge!" encourages children to think critically about the impact of their waste and the importance of recycling, illustrating how small individual actions can contribute to a cleaner, greener planet for all.

4. "I'm Trying to Love Garbage" by Bethany Barton

"I'm Trying to Love Garbage" by Bethany Barton is a quirky, humorous, and informative picture book that introduces young girls and boys to the concept of waste management, recycling, and sustainability. The story follows a plucky and persistent narrator who's attempting to embrace the idea of garbage, while also teaching kids how to deal with it responsibly.

With an engaging and conversational tone, the book discusses the impact of trash on the environment and the consequences of not managing it properly. Through eye-catching illustrations and fun facts, Barton explores different types of waste, their disposal methods, and innovative ways people are working to reduce and repurpose trash.

The book also emphasizes the importance of recycling and the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), offering practical tips for kids to implement in their daily lives. "I'm Trying to Love Garbage" is an entertaining and educational read that empowers young children to take action, fostering environmentally responsible habits and a greater appreciation for our planet.

5. "How to Help the Earth by the Lorax"


"How to Help the Earth by the Lorax" is a delightful, educational picture book with Tish Rabe that reintroduces Dr. Seuss's iconic character, the Lorax, to teach children about environmental responsibility and the importance of taking care of our planet.

As the guardian of the environment, the Lorax shares practical tips and suggestions for young readers to make a difference in their own communities. The story is filled with rhymes and colorful illustrations that engage and captivate readers as they learn about conservation, pollution, recycling, and renewable energy sources.

Throughout the book, the Lorax encourages children to adopt the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. By offering simple, everyday actions that can be taken, like planting trees, conserving water, or using reusable bags, the book aims to empower kids to become active participants in preserving the environment.

"How to Help the Earth by the Lorax" not only entertains but also instills important values and lessons, fostering an environmentally conscious mindset in young readers, and inspiring them to take steps towards a greener, more sustainable future.

6. "The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the World's Coral Reefs" by Kate Messner

the brilliant deep

"The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the World's Coral Reefs" by Kate Messner a great Earth Day read. It is an inspiring and beautifully illustrated non-fiction picture book that tells the story of Ken Nedimyer, a real-life coral reef conservationist. The book introduces young readers to the wonders of coral reefs, the crucial role they play in marine ecosystems, and the threats they face due to climate change and human activities.

Through mesmerizing illustrations and captivating storytelling, Messner recounts how Ken Nedimyer's passion for the ocean leads him to a groundbreaking discovery: a method to regrow coral reefs using coral fragments. Ken's determination and innovative thinking give birth to the Coral Restoration Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the world's coral reefs.

"The Brilliant Deep" highlights the importance of marine conservation and the power of one person's dedication to making a positive impact on the environment. By sharing the story of Ken Nedimyer's remarkable efforts to save the coral reefs, the book educates and motivates young readers to appreciate the wonders of the underwater world and to become active participants in protecting and preserving our planet's precious resources.

Teach kids to be eco-friendly through reading

Nurturing a love for our planet and fostering environmental stewardship in the hearts of our children is a crucial responsibility that we all share. By introducing young readers to books that celebrate Earth's wonders, emphasize the importance of conservation, teach how to protect natural habitats, help preserve endangered animals, and showcase real-life environmental heroes, I am positive we can help inspire the next generation to care for and protect my friend Earth.

Literature has the power to engage the minds and hearts of children, teaching them about the Earth's delicate ecosystems and their role in preserving them. As parents, educators, and caring adults, let's seize this opportunity to plant the seeds of eco-consciousness in our youngsters and help them grow into the environmental champions of tomorrow.

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