Let’s face it, school closures are making us all a little stir crazy. You need some time to yourself, and your child needs time away from screens. RIK has helped hundreds of children practically beg for independent reading time, with a real book, by making reading extra fun. Hesitant readers are especially motivated to love to read with RIK.

How RIK encourages independent reading

Child reading independently with a RIK kitEach RIK (Reading Incentive Kit) contains five to eight packages with surprises. The young reader opens the packages at intervals throughout the book. Each kit is matched to a well-known book by a well-known author. Each package in the kit contains a surprise which is keyed to the story. Our friendly RIK character also includes a note in each package, cheering the child on. The notes (we call them think pieces) and the surprises recap what the child just read and sometimes foreshadow what’s coming up. The child is excited to keep reading, not only because of the engaging story, but also to open the next surprise. Each surprise reinforces the story, building comprehension. Check out this video for details on how RIK works.

Currently there are RIK kits for over 40 different book titles for children ages five to thirteen.

Why is independent reading important?

Not only does it save your sanity when children are involved in independent reading, but according to Reading Rockets, “there are strong associations between independent reading and reading achievement, and many researchers believe that independent reading plays a key role in the development of reading fluency (speed and ease of reading), vocabulary, background knowledge, and even spelling. Not surprisingly, motivation also is associated with independent reading; children who are interested in and motivated to read tend to do more independent reading.”

Reading is extra fun when children read with a RIK kit by their side.  Even hesitant readers often catch the reading bug with the help of a RIK kit.

Packages with surprises children open as they read encourages independent reading

Example of contents of a RIK kit.