“My kids have had a blast reading with the Reading Incentive Kits. I have used these with 4 of my children and all have benefitted. My older, experienced readers have become more active readers because of these kits. They think more about what they are reading, make connections to the story and characters they read about and make predictions while they read. The kits force a child to stop and do this in a fun way that feels like a reward instead of a chore. I have especially noticed a difference for my child who has a hard time finishing books. In the past, this particular child gets excited about a book because of its cover or the recommendation from a friend, but has not been able to keep the enthusiasm long enough to finish a book. With your kits she is able to keep the excitement going throughout the whole book and has now completed several books which has made her a much more confident reader. The first chapter book she ever read all on her own was with a kit and in one sitting. She just couldn’t wait to get to the next package. She read and read until the last page and had never been more proud of that accomplishment.”

Thanks, Natalie, for sharing your story. Many people have shared similar stories of how reading with a Reading Incentive Kit helps foster independent reading in children. —ReadingWithRIK.com