My daughter has struggled with a desire to read, reading fluency and comprehension. It wasn’t until she started using Reading Incentive Kits that her interest kicked in. She looked forward to each new kit. She and I began reading together but soon she wanted to read on her own.  She wanted to share the experience with the entire family, so we bought a kit to enjoy as a family.


The reading incentive kits engaged my child at a whole new level! For starters she didn’t want to put the book down. My favorite part was all the discussion that it created within our family. She had so much she wanted to share and discuss and everyone at our home became engaged in that process. We all wanted to know what the next surprise envelope would contain!



I used this kit with my WHOLE class. The kit motivated my students to read. They BEGGED to read on in the book. After opening each envelope or box, it was fun to discuss why that item was included. The students enjoyed figuring out more about the book, or character based off the item included in the envelope. Because of the discussion and connection to the item, their comprehension increased.


Sometimes my daughter struggles to read ‘just to read,’ so the little packages create an incentive and excitement to get through the book. It helps her understanding as she correlates the toys/treats with the story. They always relate to what she just read.



The Reading Incentive Kit makes reading exciting! For my child who was not an eager reader on his own, these kits kept him motivated to finish the book. For my child who was an independent reader, these kits added a little extra fun to his reading.



My son did not want to read with me at all in Kindergarten. My friend told me about the Reading Kits. I was so excited, my son was so excited and we were off reading. He loved them so much that he wanted to finish in one day because he loved getting items as he read.  It has really changed reading from difficult to an exciting time together.



My son looked forward to reading a new book each week! The fun envelopes that he was able to open after reading certain chapters were definitely his favorite part of the RIK.



The Reading Incentive Kit was a great thing for my daughter. She attended a book club where they were given the kit and read the first chapter of the book together. She came straight home and sat by the window, reading like crazy, motivated by that kit. She loved talking with me about the book, explaining to me why certain things were in the kit. She was very anxious to begin her next book with the kit.



My child was willing to read more and for longer amounts of time with the kit. She was definitely incentivized to continue reading past the typical 15-20 minute mark that her teacher requires. I was also able to push her by using it to encourage her to read books that were beyond her grade level.



My readers read and read and read to get to that spot so that they can open their envelope. Inside there is a small token/prize/treat to go along with something they have just read about or will be reading about. They love it!



I bought several kits for my grandkids to use. They really enjoyed reading and then finding the surprise that went with each chapter.



My child is a reluctant reader. His attitude changed after being introduced to the RIK program. He could not wait to sit down every day to read his book. The best thing about the RIK is that I never had to ask him to read. He would do it on his own. Such a change. Thank you RIK for getting my son excited to read and making me look like the good guy instead of the reading police!



RIK helps my children who don’t like to read as well as those who do. My reluctant readers find motivation to keep going and keep trying, knowing that if they only get a little further…they get to open another packet. My avid readers are able to branch out into different genres. I feel RIK not only motivates children to read, but it helps with comprehension. The packets often have a question to think about or something to watch for as they read. This helps direct their reading, engage their mind and consequently, help improve comprehension.



My kids have had a blast reading with the Reading Incentive Kits. They think more about what they are reading, make connections to the story and characters they read about and make predictions while they read. The kits force a child to stop and do this in a fun way that feels like a reward instead of a chore. I have especially noticed a difference for my child who has a hard time finishing books. With your kits she is able to keep the excitement going through out the whole book and has now completed several books which has made her a much more confident reader.



The Reading Incentive Kits have been incredibly helpful with my two daughters in developing their love for reading. My oldest daughter has always enjoyed reading, but especially loves the Reading Incentive Kit that comes with the book. My younger daughter doesn’t enjoy reading as much and asks me each day when she is reading, “have I read 20 minutes yet?” Imagine my delight when she read for 2 hours straight and completed the entire book with a Reading Incentive Kit.



I have a daughter who is an avid reader. The kits provided enrichment materials that helped her engage with books in a fun, new way.  I have a son who is more of a reluctant reader. I rarely see him finish a book he has started reading. But with the incentive kits, he was picking up a book and finishing it in a day or two. I was amazed.  The kits helped him discover that he really does like to read!



My child does not like to read too much. Having an Incentive Kit got him excited to read his book. He loved to see what would come next and what surprise he got to open. It helped with the constant fight of getting him to read. I love to use them!



I have two teenage daughters. One is an avid reader and one is not. My avid reader loved the kit. She really enjoyed opening each gift and it made reading the book a more exciting adventure for her. My reluctant reader was very motivated to read to the part where she could open her first envelope.  It was the first time she has read a book for pure enjoyment for a long time! I think it renewed that love of reading in her.



My daughter loved the reading incentive kits!  She said the kits were cool because it wasn’t just bribery as a reward for reading, like just saying “here’s a piece of candy for reading these chapters”….They were always pertinent to the book, talking points, or clues.



My son is already a lover of books and reading, however he was definitely excited with the RIK to get to the next incentive. It would push him to read more often and keep reading beyond when he would have stopped just to see what he could open next. 



I purchased RIK kits for a family summer camping trip for my grandchildren, nieces and nephews. We wanted to have a “reading camp” as one of our activities. When I passed out the books and RIKS they were all so excited.  It was such a positive experience. After the camp I gave another kit to my grandson. I told him I wanted him to read it in a week. He said “Grandma, I don’t know if I can do that. This book looks too long.” I told him to at least give it a try. The next morning at 11:00 am he called to say that he had finished the whole book! His Mom said he stayed up late reading and she found him the next morning in his bed finishing up the book. I believe it gave him the confidence that he could read a book by himself.



I loved the kits! They made reading a book so much more exciting and fun.