Keep your 2nd grader reading this summer the fun way!

Your child will love reading with RIK! In each kit are six to nine packages containing surprises that relate to the story. Children open them at intervals as they read.

No other reading program has proven to be as engaging, motivating, or just plain fun! Read independently or grab your friends, form a book club, do book-related activities and have fun reading with RIK.

Reading Incentives inside a reading incentive kitThe RIK Summer Reading Program includes four exciting kits selected by elementary school librarian and RIK founder, Paula Ruesch. Enjoy Paula’s Picks, or custom design your own bundle.  Kits can be ordered with or without books. The RIK surprise packages track with a specific book, so the book is necessary, but if you have the book or want to check it out from the library, that’s totally cool. We are big fans of libraries.

Included in the RIK Summer Reading bundle for 2nd graders are the following titles:

Flat Stanley

Book written by: Jeff Brown
Book published by: Harper Collins

Help Stanley catch the thieves, fly with him when he flies like a kite, and travel with him in his unique way with the surprises in this kit.

Stanley was an ordinary boy until the bulletin board fell on him and flattened him. All of a sudden Stanley can slide under doors, mail himself across the country in an envelope and fly like a kite!

Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon

Book written by: Mary Pope Osborne
Book published by: Random House

When you are whisked back with Jack and Annie to the days of deserted islands, secret maps and ruthless pirates you’ll be glad to have this RIK kit at your side. Inside is your own treasure chest, a parrot, pirate gear, and more!

Buffalo Before Breakfast

Book written by: Mary Pope Osborne
Book published by: Random House

It’s a good thing Jack has his leather bag with him to collect things as he and Annie are transported back in time nearly 200 years by the Magic Tree House.  This kit gives you a bag too and things to collect as you are taught how to hunt buffalo by a Lakota boy.

Maybelle in the Soup

Book written by: Katie Speck
Book published by: Henry Holt and Company

Maybelle is a lovely, plump cockroach. She lives in her own cozy little home under the refrigerator of Mr. and Mrs. Peabody. When the Peabodys invite a Very Important Guest for dinner, Maybelle can’t resist. She takes a teeny taste―and splashes into the biggest adventure of her life!

Parents take note! The surprises in this kit are irresistible to children and you may get a few surprises of your own as your child reads this adorable story.

Food Items

Some of the kits contains food items best used within 30-60 days of purchase.

Safety Information

We want the incentives used in our kits to be a surprise to the children. We also realize grownups will need to know what’s inside. A complete list of objects used as incentives for this kit is available in the “FOR PARENTS AND TEACHERS” envelope included inside the kit. Please retain that envelope for your reference before giving the kit to a child.


Kits will ship the first week of June. Please allow 3-8 business days for shipping. This item is currently not available for shipment outside the continental U.S.